Letter to the club.........

Ladies let’s be honest, designer handbags are something that most of us want or want more of! 

Our favorite designer handbag is often used as a centerpiece to create our wardrobe around, but buying one can be extremely expensive.

Bag Girls Club wants every woman to have the experience of owning a genuine designer handbag. The designer handbags are bought in advance, so each winner is guaranteed to win the advertised item.

Our competitions provide women the opportunity to win a designer handbag for as little as £3.

That means you could own your favorite designer handbag for less than the price of coffee.

Bag Girls Club only issues limited tickets for each competition. This means due to fewer entrants, everyone who enters has a real chance of winning their favorite designer handbag.

Bag Girls Club is more than just a raffle website, we also want to promote creativity and design amongst our members so we award free entries to our competitions for taking part in the Bag Girls Club Lookbook Challenge.

Much Love

Ashleigh & Lace

Co-founders of Bag Girls Club

p.s… You have got to be in it… to win it !

Bag Girls Club are creating multiple opportunities for every normal woman to own a little piece of expensive luxury. Their competitions are so much fun!

Shannon P- West Midlands